What you can expect


A representative of Precision Pools and Spas will visit your residence to review your ideas, assess delivery and crane operations and take measurements for a site plan created by Precision Pools and Spas


After obtaining a swimming pool permit, Precision Pools and Spas will begin excavation for your new pool which is usually complete in 4 to 6 hours.

Pool Delivery

After the excavation is complete, the pool will be delivered with the crane in place to set the pool in the excavated area.  We may have to take the pool directly over your house!  No worries, we carry a 2 million dollar General Liability policy for your protection.

Pool Backfill

Once the pool is set and level, the pool will be backfilled with 57 stone

Plumbing, Electrical, Equipment

Pool equipment is installed using 2" schedule 40 pvc.  Filter and pump is connected to the suction lines and return lines to the pool

Bond Beam and Coping

Bond beam is poured to support the coping around the pool.  This is only done if a concrete paver coping or travertine (pictured) coping is chosen